New Book – Dark Places by Gillian Flynn


Publishing year: 2009

After all the lovey-dovey stuff of the last book, I’ve started another dark mystery by Gillian Flynn.

The main character is Libby Day, who is now 31, and we get to know that she leads a quite uprooted kind of life. She’s depressed, and she mentions she’s been depressed for twenty-four years. It started when a terrible crime took place in her family. Her mother and her two elder sisters were killed, and the culprit is supposed to have been her brother Ben, who’s been serving time since then.

Libby has no job and seems she has never had a job. She’s been living from the money generous people sent years ago when they hear of her tragedy. Now her lawyer informs her that the money is almost gone, and she should be trying to find a job. It is then that she gets a letter from somebody called Lyle, offering 500 dollars. When she contacts him, he tells him that he’s part of a secret group, fans of crime stories. So she’s given money to appear in one of the sessions. The day of the session those in the group voice their doubts about her brother’s guilt. Libby hasn’t talked or seen her brother since that day, and we get to know that Libby survived the massacre because she escaped through a window after hearing the terrible sounds of her family being killed.

The novel alternates between Libby’s present and the day in 1985 when the Days were murdered. The descriptions of the murders are horrible but terribly well-done. Now Libby wants to milk those in the group for her own benefit. I wonder if Libby will find out that the truth she has always believed is not so true after all. If Ben didn’t kill the family, who did? And why were there Satanic symbols painted on the walls? Who would want to kill those girls and woman? There was a mention of Runner, the father, as a vicious drunkard, who Pat Day divorced when Libby was two, but since the law had no reason to believe him guilty, I don’t know if that could be a possibility.

What a start! Libby is not the most likeable woman, but her story is hard and fascinating.

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