New Book – The Legend of Grace Roscoe by Ruth C. Welsby


Publishing year: 2014

This new book is based on true events.

As the name shows, the novel is about Grace Roscoe in the eighteenth century. The story starts in 1719 when Grace is fourteen. We learn a bit about Grace’s background. Her mother and her father married for love when her mother’s relatives set to find a husband for her as there were rumours that the girl was becoming loose. Jack Roscoe was a very popular bachelor, and many young girls and their mothers had their sights set on him, but Jack was uninterested. When he met Margaret, he knew she was the one for him.

Margaret and Jack had three children. Margaret was besotted with her two older children, but she was indifferent to Grace. When her eldest daughter died, she was grief-stricken. Grace was a lovely, cheerful girl, and now that she is fourteen, her mother takes her away from home, without telling her where they were going. They reach Liverpool and the house of Margaret’s cousins. The cousins John and James are slave traders and very rich; they are both married, but they have no children, so they announce that Grace will be their heir on condition that she becomes their gate into society. She will have to marry well and bring the class that the family lacks. Grace doesn’t take the news too badly, but I imagine this will be a cross for the young girl.

Class and money have always been important. Maybe nowadays belonging to a particular social class is not so valued, but money is still high in people’s priorities. In fact, today people lower themselves to do anything for money and fortune. It is sad how little a woman was worth in the past; she was a commodity, but she had no voice to express her wishes and her will was worth nothing.


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