The Villa 5 – The End



I reached the end last night. It was a happy ending.

I’m glad that Tess finally made up with Tonino, and they became an item. His stupid sense of family pride didn’t make any sense, so I’m glad he reconsidered what he was letting go. I didn’t like the part about the treasure. I think apart from the inheritance, it was too far fetched, especially when Tess happens to find the cave and guesses that’s where the treasure must be.

I didn’t like Millie from the very beginning. I was sure she was not a true friend, and I’m glad Tess found out what kind of woman she was. Giovanni wasn’t my favourite character either; he was too overbearing, and I don’t understand how Tess put up with him for so long without losing her patience.

As for Flavia’s story, even though she and Peter didn’t have a physical relationship, I think she really betrayed Lenny by keeping writing to Peter and having that intimate moment with him. If she didn’t love Lenny to start with, he shouldn’t have married him. Lenny was a good man, and he deserved her loyalty and love. I know that both Flavia and Peter were deceived and wronged, but that didn’t mean Flavia had to soil her vows to Lenny that way.

I liked the book. It was interesting, but I thought it was a bit too stereotypical and far fetched in some points.


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