D is For Deadbeat 2 – The End


I guess that the murderer didn’t surprise me because I tend to think of the least likely suspects.

I even suspected Billy’s mother even if the woman only appeared briefly. I’m sorry the end was a bit of a downer. In this case, Kinsey didn’t guess the truth. She came close to it, but she was surprised and, I guess, disappointed when the murderer was revealed to him. Maybe in other cases, I would have been happy that the end would be this, but I didn’t have much sympathy for the victim. I think I felt sorrier for Billy dying as his demise affected Kinsey more. Yet, I didn’t think the murderer should have ended up the way he did.

As I suspected, Jonah and Kinsey finally jump the gun and hook up. I don’t condone adultery, but Jonah’s wife is portrayed here as a terrible wife. She first left him for a year, and then when she came back to him, she wasn’t too good to him and now in this book she was talking about having an open marriage. I think Jonah should leave her, but I guess he sticks to her because of their children. I like Jonah for Kinsey, and I guess now we’ll see more of him. I wonder how this relationship will develop in the next books.


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