The Crying Tree 5 – The End

descarga (1)

The end was quite sad as Irene fails what she set to do.

Daniel doesn’t want to be saved, and in the end he’s executed. It is not clear why Daniel refuses to embrace life. I know he feels guilty for killing Shep, even though it was accidentally. It’s tragic how Daniel hasn’t had a real life. The only happy moments he relish are those he spent with Shep, and I guess that as Shep is gone, there’s no sense in continuing life. I think Daniel is wrong, and justice in this case is so unfair. At least, his last resting place is next to Shep in the cemetery.

In this book I loved Irene’s character and the way she undergoes a total transformation. I love how she lets go of bitterness and embraces forgiveness. What I found a bit boring is Tab Mason’s story about his brother. Apart from that, the book is wonderful and analyses the way hatred and forgiveness can make life totally different.


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