Apple Tree Yard 5 – The End



As I imagined from the opening, Mark’s defence lawyer confronts Yvonne, and she has to admit she lied about her relationship with Mark.

In the end, both Yvonne and Mark go to prison. Yvonne is acquitted on the murder charge, but she’s finally found guilty of perjury, and is sent to jail for one year. Mark is sentenced to fourteen years in prison for manslaughter.

When Yvonne is released, she’s not fine. Her son has moved from Manchester to be with his father. I find Guy’s attitude admirable. Despite what he learnt about Yvonne during the trial, he remained faithful to her. I thought that something like that would have ended their marriage, but he was still there for Yvonne. What I don’t like is that despite everything and his treason, Yvonne keeps thinking about Mark endearingly. And in the last part, I’m not sure I understand what the author is getting. Yvonne has a recollection of her and Mark in the Vauxhall flat, talking about Craddock, and she mentions that what she’d like is to kill him and Mark makes a non-committal remark. Does this mean that Yvonne really encouraged Mark to commit the crime? Or is this just a comment that Mark takes at face value? It is not clear what happened between Mark and Craddock, but it’s obvious that he came prepared for the worst as he had prepared a change of clothes.

I really enjoyed the book. At first, I wasn’t sure where the action was taking us, but as soon as the main event took place, I found the plot and narration totally engrossing.


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