New Book – Apple Tree Yard by Louise Doughty


Publishing year: 2013

The first pages of this book takes us to Old Bailey court where a trial is in progress.

The narrator, a fifty-odd year old woman, is in the witness dock. She is a scientist, specialised in genetics, and she is one of the accused. The other one is a man. So far we don’t know the woman’s name, only that it starts with a y. The barrister starts to question her, and she gets anxious when she asks her about the alleys in the city and near the House of Commons, especially she mentions a place called Apple Tree Yard.

When this woman takes us down to memory lane, we learn that she was part of a committee in the House of Commons. It is here where she meets the man she’s being accused with. We don’t know his name either, and what this woman tells us is that this man approaches her, telling her about her presentation. They walk around the building and end up in the crypt, and there in a small cubicle they have sex.

I don’t know what crime our narrator is being accused of. It is clear that it has something to do with her field of work and this man. From something she says, I get to understand that she only saw her affair again at the trial, so how could they have committed a crime if they never saw each other again? I’m quite hooked already. The beginning is quite powerful with these strangers having this connection all of a sudden.  I’m quite curious to know how this woman ended up accused of a crime.


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