New Book – She’s Not Coming Home by Philip Cox


Publishing year: 2012

This is a mystery book about a woman Ruth who one day walks out to work in the morning and doesn’t return to her husband Matt and her five-year-old son.

Matt is the main character, and there is Detective Webber. I have to say I find the characters quite cold in their behaviour. Matt shows some feelings, but I find it quite surprising that the morning after his wife hasn’t, he doesn’t go straight to the place where she works. Instead, he goes to work as if it were a normal day, and until his lunch time, he doesn’t try to go there. I would think that if one’s spouse failed to return home without a word, I would alert everybody I know desperately. Yet, Matt take things too calmly. I would have been more worried or desperate.

As he tries to find out more about where Ruth is, he discovers that the people in the pharmaceutical company Ruth claimed she worked in don’t know her. I find it hard to believe that Matt could have been fooled that way. Didn’t he ever meet any of her colleagues? Didn’t he ever pick her up from work? I’m also suspicious about Gail, Ruth’s best friend. Matt tried to contact her the night Ruth didn’t come home, but his calls all went to voice mail. And now days after the disappearance she acts all unconcerned. I wonder if Gails knows more than she’s letting on.

And the police here seems quite ineffective. They wonder things I guess should know from the very first. One of the policemen considers the possibility that Nathan might not be Ruth’s son and that’s why she walked out on him. How can’t they know that? If they checked everything, they should have found out about the family. And then they start suspecting the husband of harming Ruth. Oh for goodness’ sake! Maybe I’m wrong, but I find them so clumsy. And what baffles me is that the people in Ruth’s alleged company have told the police something different. They haven’t told them that they don’t know Ruth, but she hasn’t been to work for days. What on earth are they playing? Why the two versions? And now Natha’s car has been stolen, and he realizes the keys are not where he saw them last. Could Ruth have taken the car? And if she had decided to leave him, why didn’t she say so? Why did she have to go away without a word to her little boy?


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