One Breath Away 4 – The End



I really didn’t expect this ending! I normally guess the resolutions in most mystery novels, but this time I was really surprised, which was a really good think. I never thought that Stuart could be the intruder. He was definitely a deranged criminal. We human beings have a tendency to blame others for what is our fault. What Stuart did was to take that to the extreme. Thankfully, he didn’t kill anybody, but he put everybody through hell, and he also killed his wife. Despite his wickedness, I’m glad that the story didn’t end with the topical killing of the villain. He remained alive to receive the weight of justice.

I liked Augie very much in the last chapters. She was too reckless in my opinion, risking her life to save her little brother, but she was brave, and I liked the way she treated Lucy and made sure she was safe. Thanks to her, Meg also managed to shoot Stuart and reduce him.

I would have liked to read a reunion between Holly and her children and her father. I liked the conversation between her and William. She even agreed to take the children to the farm when she was on her feet again. I think in this relationship the problem was their lack of communication. Holly thought that her father didn’t love her as much as her brothers or the farm, and I guess that’s why she tried to find that love elsewhere, in her casual encounters with men. I imagine that what she thought she lacked was nowhere else to be found but in the man who was her father. And Will roughly thought the same about his daughter, that she didn’t love him.

I loved the novel. Some of the actions of the characters are flawed and reckless, but that’s human nature, isn’t it? I’ll definitely be reading more by this author.

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