Whitechapel: The Final Stand Of Sherlock Holmes by Bernard Schaffer


Publishing year: 2011

This book combines the crimes committed by Jack the Ripper and Sherlock Holmes.

In the chapter in which Holmes appears, he’s a weak man, addicted to cocaine, and his addictions make him nasty and irascible. When Watson announces he’s going to get married, Holmes reacts churlishly and very unpleasantly.

We are then introduced to Montague Druitt (Monty) as he grows from a young boy into a grown man. So we learn about his family. This story starts as his sister Georgina dies, impaled in the fence. The way Monty describes her corpse, the blood, the viscous substances emanating from his body, and his feelings makes you think that this boy is really weird. His father is a doctor, who specializes in autopsies. His mother is a strange woman, prone to outbursts, and we get to understand she’s mentally unstable. Then Monty meets the neighbours’ boy, who he starts a homosexual relationship with. And it is then that he starts helping his father in his job. The experiences of this boy are strange indeed, and his attraction to death and blood is a bit spooky.

I can guess that Monty will become Jack the Ripper. We have seen that he’s now in Whitechapel, and he feels drawn to a newspaper article about the murder of a prostitute. He dreams about it with pleasure, and it’s obvious that this man will become a vicious murderer of prostitutes, an act out of which he gets obvious pleasure.

I find the book a bit strange in the style. The language is very graphic in the descriptions, and it can be very disgusting. I’ve always been curious about Jack the Ripper, and the mystery behind the unknown murderer. If Monty is Jack, it’ll be interesting to read about what thoughts cross this man’s mind. And I wonder if Sherlock Holmes will sort out the mystery in the end.


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