Bad Girls 9 – The End


The novel was wrapped up quite nicely.

There is a big twist when Amber’s mother tries to kill her. What a woman! She’s a monster. She meant to sacrifice her daughter so that she could have her life insurance money. Thank goodness, Skye is a clever girl and when she goes to find her, Amber’s mother’s behaviour seems fishy. So thinking Amber has fallen into drugs again because of her mother’s influence, she calls Dr. Raf. And they save Amber just as her mother tries to suffocate her with a pillow after having fed her a handful of pills in her drink.

So  our girls end up having a nice loving end. Petal gets her own reality show in Los Angeles, and her boyfriend and her friends manage to pay her a visit. I think Petal has walked a long way from the immature, spoilt girl she was at the beginning.

Skye accepts to be Joe’s woman on the side while he still pretends to be engaged to his gay fiancée. It took him a lot to realize that he liked Skye and she could be the woman for him. Amber’s lecture after he tried to make a pass at her helped, and I guess that Skye’s honest speech, telling him she liked him, was also a good push in the right direction. I’m really glad for Skye. Her situation with Joe is not ideal, but she’s with the man she clearly loves, and Joe assures her that their secrecy won’t last forever. He’ll eventually be leaving her fiancée and make their relationship public. I really like these two together. Their teasing tone and banter make them adorable.

And Amber finally gets together with Dr. Raf after getting rid of her horrible mother, who I was must be rotting in hell. Dr. Raf was very stupid at some point when he proposed to Dr. Lucy. Thankfully, he finally saw the light, and Amber got the man of her dreams.

I really enjoyed the novel. To be honest, I find that there are a lot of reference to sex and body parts. I don’t get bothered by sex scenes, but I sometimes gets as bored with too much sex than when there are too many descriptions. All in all, it was a very entertaining and different novel.


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