Bad Girls 8


After Joe and Skye’s indiscretion is a well-known fact, all the characters end up leaving the rehab clinic.

Joe and Skye are expelled for breaking the rules. I feel sorry for Skye since Joe doesn’t give her a single thought when they leave. So with no money she has to sell her soul and sell her knowledge of Joe and their affair to get by. I think it’s not just the money she sells herself to the journalists, but also it’s some kind of revenge on Joe. The problem is that I think Joe doesn’t care at all. Even though Skye is not the typical damsel in distress, I think she’s the most vulnerable in this story. She might have her own weapons, but she is a position from which she finds more and more difficulties to get out of. And now out of the clinic when she tries to audition, all producers are interested in is her affair with Joe and her likely compliance to sell sexual favours for a small part in a film or show. But Skye has changed, and she doesn’t want to fall into the hole she has now escaped from.

Petal was also expelled as she was the one to record the video and send it to her friends. She remains in Los Angeles with her uncaring mother while she still goes to therapy with Dr. Ralf. Her mother is a pitiful show, and no wonder Petal has issues. Both her parents shouldn’t have been allowed to have children in the first place. Her mother has fantastic ideas about her worth as an actress and celebrity. She has taken part in a reality show called Cougar Hunt in which she is surrounded by toyboys who she needs to choose from. She has a young pretentious boyfriend. Yet, when the show fails to be the big success she thought it’d be, the boyfriend makes a bunk, and Linda, Petal’s mother, falls into a pit of despair. Thankfully, Petal is there to help her. Her father proves to be even worse when she does nothing to help her when she calls him. I think Petal has grown a lot from the person she was at the beginning of the book; she’s more confident and positive, and values things in their right measure.

And Amber also leaves the clinic of her own accord. When Dr. Raf declines to keep their emotional or professional relationship, she can’t stay in the clinic. Once outside she stays in the house her mother has stayed. I find the woman a total horror, and I don’t know how Amber can put up with her. No wonder she had to take drugs. Her mother first keeps going on and on about her being nice to Tony and directly saying she should marry him. I think Tony is a nice guy, but Amber doesn’t love him, and she would be making a huge mistake if she accepted anything else from him. And when Joe sees Amber and contacts her, her mother now changes her tune, and instead of chanting Tony’s charms, it is Joes she goes on and on. Joe gets Amber an audition, which coincidentally Skye also wanted, and when the producer explains before Skye that Amber is Joe’s recommendation and she gets the role, Skye gets annoyed. We don’t get to hear Skye thoughts while this happens, but I guess that what might have irritated her more is not the fact that Amber got the role she wanted, but her friendship with Joe. I would have liked it if Amber had walked away and let Skye have that part. After all, Skye needs more help than she does. Amber has contacts while Skye has next to nothing.

I don’t know how the novel will end. I would like Amber and Dr. Raf to end up together. That would be a beautiful end. I think Dr. Raf feels strongly for Amber, but I’m not sure if he will pursue her love or not. I just hope he finally goes to find her. I don’t have many aspirations about Skye. From what we have read so far, it seems that Skye is destined to stay much the same. However much she tries, things don’t seem to improve. I very much doubt Joe will realize all of a sudden that she’s the love of his life. He’s too selfish to think of her in those terms. I would really like her to have something good for a change. Even though she’s quite flawed, I think most of what she does is influenced by her background and the context she comes from.  And as for Petal, I think we already see happy bits in her in the sense that she has learnt a lot from her stay at the clinic. She knows more about herself, and I think she has matured more in these weeks than her parents have done in forty years.


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