Bad Girls 7


Things are getting more and more intense.

Despite his misgivings about his relationship with a patient, Dr. Raf can’t shake off Amber’s advances. I think he’s smitten and his will is nothing when she’s with Amber. And Amber feels too strongly and is ready to suffer a heartbreak for a chance to be with him. It’s a beautiful love story, but I wonder how Dr. Raf will handle this.

And as I suspected, images from the video Petal sent to her friends has been published in the Daily Mail. Even though the only face that is clear is Joe’s, Dr. Lucy and Dr. Raf have no doubt who the blonde girl with him in the photograph is. What will happen to these two now? I doubt Joe will be expelled, but Skye can suffer the consequences. The journalists who paid for her to be in the clinic might not want her to be there anymore since they have lost the scoop this story meant. Joe might feel betrayed. And Skye might have to pack and leave. I’m sorry for Skye. She’s not a perfect character, but I like her non-nonsense philosophy even though I don’t share most of her opinions. Yet, I think that in all this matter she might be on the losing end.


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