Bad Girls 5


Our four main characters end up in the rehab centre in Los Angeles.

We already knew that Joe voluntarily agreed to go to justify the photographs of him and the stripper.

Joe is the objective of Skye. That’s the reason why she’s there as the journalists are paying her good money to set a trap for Joe. She’ll be the bait, and all she needs is to photograph or record Joe while in action with her. Her justification is that she has a sex addiction, and ironically, she doesn’t believe she has a problem when in reality I think she has a problem with drugs. From the moment she and Joe meet, he’s drawn to her. Whether Skye manages her objective and hurts Joe’s reputation even more, I don’t feel sorry for Joe. He’s also living a lie, and he should be responsible for his acts. He knows he’s a public man and should be more wary of those he gets entangled with.

Petal is miserable and angry as her father has forced her to go to the clinic. She doesn’t want to accept that she has a problem and keeps ranting and feeling sorry for herself. I think this is what Petal needed, and the moment she accepts that he life was going adrift partly because of her drug habit, she’ll be able to take control of what she wants. I also think that her friends are not genuine, and if she weren’t Gold’s daughter, maybe they wouldn’t care a bit about her.

And the most striking story is Amber. She comes to her mother for help, and explains her predicament. Yet, her mother not only doesn’t feel shocked, but thinks that she needs to do it. Her mother confesses that she was prostitute while Amber was growing up; she talks about the horrible conditions she had to suffer. Yes, she’s confident that what Amber has to do now would be heaven compared to what she had to put up with. I think Amber’s mother is so selfish and greedy. How can a mother let a daughter sell herself for money?

Amber never goes to Dubai as she has a breakdown. Amber is carted off to hospital and diagnosed an overdose of opiates. When Amber wakes up, she’s in the rehab clinic in Los Angeles as Tony, her escort, arranged for her to be admitted. Amber has strong withdrawal symptoms. Amber is also experiencing something she has never felt before. Love has hit her, and she thinks she’s in love with her doctor, Dr. Raf. The man has made an impact on our three women as he’s close to an Adonis. Yet, it’s only Amber who feels so strongly. I’m sorry for Amber. I think that despite the luxuries and all the privileges she’s had in the last years. she’s had a miserable life. I wonder why she started to take the drugs in the first place. Was it just anxiety? Or was it something else? And now when she finds out that the man she now longs for is in a relationship with Dr. Lucy, the other physician, she’ll be up to a great disappointment.


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