New Book – Bad Girls by Rebecca Chance


Publishing year: 2010

I’ve just started this book.

We are introduced to Amber, who is a luxurious, very beautiful top model. She thinks very highly of herself, and she likes to be admired and watched. In the prologue she has some kind of breakdown, but we don’t really know what’s going on. And then in the first chapter she’s in a luxurious hotel with Tony, her boyfriend or sexual partner. From what I can perceive, Tony only cares about how beautiful and breathtaking she is, and how he sleeps with the woman all men desire and all women envy. I wonder if Amber doesn’t miss being valued by something more than her beauty. From reading the sex scene between her and Tony, it was as if he treated her just like a piece of beautiful flesh, nothing more. And he has this thing with watching a video of her while making love. It’s all about image, and there’s little depth here. Amber sounds quite shallow, but I wonder if this lack of depth will come to haunt her eventually.


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