New Book – The Rose Garden by Susanna Kearsley


Publishing year: 2011

The main character and narrator in this book is a young woman called Eva.

Eva’s sister, Katrina, died a few months ago. Katrina was a famous actress. Eva is now alone as her parents died years ago in an accident. Now there’s nothing else that keeps her in Los Angeles. Eva never settled in Los Angeles; she never felt it was home after moving there from Vancouver to be near Katrina. Her childhood was spent in England, and when Katrina’s husband hands her his wife’s ashes, Eva knows where she wants to scatter her sister’s ashes. Cornwall is where she and her family spent many summers and where she and Katrina were happy. In Cornwall Eva had her first boyfriend, Mark, a boy who eight-year-old Eva also had a crush on. Yet, when Eva’s family moved to Canada, Katrina had to forget about her puppy love.

Now twenty years later Eva returns to Cornwall and to the house where she spent her summers.  There she re-meets Mark, whose family owned the house where Eva stayed. Apart from Mark, there is Susan, Mark’s sister, who wants to open a tea house on the property, and Claire, Mark and Susan’s stepmother.

After Eva scatters her sister’s ashes, she decides to stay in Cornwall. For the time being, she’ll live with the Hartwells, and then in the summer she intends to find her own place. It is then that strange things start to happen to her. She starts to hear voices and see things she knows shouldn’t be there. First of all, she thinks they are hallucinations and puts it down to the sleeping pills she’s taken lately. yet, when she goes off the pills, the hallucinations become more real. She has an encounter with a man, and she starts hearing voices more clearly. Eva thinks she’s suffering hallucinations, but the people she sees seem to be from older times, so I guess she’s seeing ghosts. I don’t normally go for ghost stories, and I’m not sure if I’m too interested in those ghosts Eva sees. I’m really more interested to know about Eva. I wonder if she’ll have an affair with Mark. I’d like that, but apparently, there’s someone else who is also too fond of Mark, Felicity, Susan’s friend. Eva has also met an old friend of hers in town, Oliver, who has shown an interest to pursue her friendship or something else.


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