New Book – Suddenly Single by Sheila O’Flanagan

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Publishing year: 1999

This new book revolves around Alix Callaghan, an ambitious, aggressive financial dealer.

Most of the operations Alix is involved sound Dutch to me, but I can understand how important and risky those operations are. Her colleagues are like sharks, waiting for her to fail so that they can get their claws into her position. Gavin is the worst, and Alix can’t trust him, and Dave is not so bad, but he’s not a friend. The only one that is an ally is Jennifer.

Even though her career is successful, her personal life takes a turn for the worse. Her boyfriend, who she has lived with for the last two years, dumps her all of a sudden. His excuse is that he wants to settle down, get married and have children, and Alix doesn’t seem to have the same plans. Moreover, he has met somebody during a trip to Paris, who has made him see the wrongs of his relationship with Alix.

When Paul walks out on her life, Alix takes it hard. She loves Paul, and his absence affects her more than she lets off. Her performance at work is not as efficient as usual, and her colleagues notice it. Yet, she doesn’t say anything about the breakup, and seems to take everything in her stride, but things are not good for her. The only person she tells is her sister, but she pretends she’s fine, when in reality she isn’t. I think Alix is not as strong as she wants everybody to think. I have the impression that she’s very vulnerable, and this is hurting her too much. Yet, she’s in a way quite naive, and she still thinks that Paul will get back to her, but I think the man has made up his mind and doesn’t share Alix’s hopeful view. I’m afraid she’s going to suffer even more than what she’s doing right now. I have to say that even though I understand Paul, I think he’s treated Alix terribly. Why hasn’t he mentioned anything about his hopes to Alix before? Why didn’t he try to discuss things with her before making this drastic decision all by himself? I don’t like him, and I hope he’ll regret what he’s doing one day.

And there’s one of her clients, Matt Connery, who seems to have taken a shine to Alix. I wonder if something will happen between them. Alix has already noticed his keen interest, but she doesn’t share the feeling. Yet, I guess she’s still hurting after the breakup. I don’t have an opinion about this man yet, since we don’t have much information about the man. He seems nice, and maybe he can be good to Alix.

Nice start. I’m already fond of Alix. I don’t share the way she sees life, but I think she simply needs to learn a few facts about life. Maybe she needs to meet the person who can change her priorities.


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