New Book – Emma’s Secret by Steena Holmes


Publishing year: 2013

This is the real sequel to Finding Emma.

We get to learn what happens after Emma returns with her family. The chapters also include Dottie’s diary entries about the time when she kidnapped Emma and looked after her on the farm. We get to see that the woman was not well, and she really believed she had taken Mary’s daughter home. Yet, deep down I think that she knew she had done something wrong.

As for the life at the Taylors, I have to say that both Peter and Megan are behaving hideously. Peter is never at home, and I wonder why. Shouldn’t she be helping Megan to cope with Emma? What is wrong with him? Things should be easier now. Emma had to settle down, naturally, and both he and Megan are the adults here and should have more patience than what they’re showing. Sam, his partner, is still lurking in the shadows, texting him about talking about them. What on earth is happening between them? Are they having an affair as Megan feared? Why haven’t he and Megan talked for real since Emma returned home? They now have a reason to be happy. The only good thing I have to say is that he is a good father, and when he’s at home, he knows how to deal with the girls better than Megan. Yet, he treats Megan hideously, running out of patience when she dares to bring up a matter that worries her about Emma. What a cretin! I couldn’t put up with someone like that.

Megan isn’t much better. She’s hard, which is understandable, but she gets all sensitive because her daughter can’t settle soon enough. She’s a little girl and needs time!!! She’s the adult and should know better than that. And I think the counsellor is right. She should encourage Emma to talk about her life on the farm, but even unconsciously snatching those memories from Emma, she’s hurting her daughter. And I think she takes things too much at heart. The episode about Emma responding to Emmie and not Emma is a bit too much for me. It’s practically the same name, and of course the girl is used to responding to the name she’s been hearing for the last two years. Why the fuss? It’s not so important. It’s just a shortened form of her name.

I thought this book would be less distressing, but the adults here are acting like brats. Emma is behaving much better than the parents she’s supposed to depend on. No wonder she misses Jack and Dottie so much!!!


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