New Book – Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell


Publishing year: 2013

This is a story about teenagers.

Park is half Korean, half American, and he’s not the most popular boy in his school. One day there is a new girl, Eleanor, on the school bus, and as she doesn’t have anywhere else to sit, he reluctantly offers the place next to him. Yet, he doesn’t offer the seat gracefully, and he doesn’t talk to her when every day she sits next to him.

Eleanor is also one to receive derisive comments from the other teenagers in her new school. Her story is quite terrible. Her mother lives with Richie and her other four siblings. We know that Richie is not a good guy, who ill-treats Eleanor’s mother and even kicked Eleanor out a year ago. It is now that she has been welcomed back home. Eleanor obviously loathes Richie, and I can’t understand how a woman puts a man over her children. How could Eleanor’s mother let Richie throw the child out of the house? That’s simply outrageous. And how can she put up with somebody like him? After a year, her mother and the family have moved to a much smaller house. Eleanor has to share the bedroom with her siblings, and what shocks her most is that her siblings have come to accept Richie and even call him dad.

Interesting start. I’m not into YA literature, but this sounds like a nice book. I guess that Park and Eleanor will grow closer in the end. Eleanor really needs a friend in this hostile world she lives, and Park also sounds quite lonely too.


2 thoughts on “New Book – Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

  1. This seems an interesting start. Both Park and Eleanor are lonely and somewhat damaged individuals that might find solace and help in each other. If the book is well written the story has a good potential.
    As for the inexpicable Eleanor’s mother behaviour. I know of people that can become so infatuated by another person that they put him or her above everyone else. And maybe that Richie was manipulating the woman and the other children, telling lies about Eleanor and saying he deserved to be kicked out. Who knows…

    I hope the book won’t disappoint you because the premises seems good!

    • Yes, this was a nice read, but there were some bittersweet parts. I really liked it, and I didn’t get bored even though, as I mentioned before, I don’t read much YA literature. Sometimes young adult fiction can be too sugary and unbelievable, but I really enjoyed this one.
      As for the mother, Eleanor excused her because she thought her mother was weak and broken, but even so, I think it was wrong of her. I’m not a mother, you know, but I believe a woman should put her children above everything else, especially a good-for-nothing drunkard who mistreated her and her offspring.

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