The Kommandant’s Girl 4 – The End



I wasn’t surprised by some of the things happening at the end of the book. Naturally, Emma gets pregnant, and Krysia tells her not to say anything to the Kommandant. But Emma is careless, and when the secretary finds out, she tells the Kommandant. It’s imperative for her to leave as the Kommandant wants her to go to Austria with his sister where she can have the baby. Yet, Emma plans to leave.

That night is very eventful. Emma goes to the ghetto, and sees her father, who tells her about her mother dying and gives her the marriage certificate and her rings. The Kommandant finds her in the street, and as the certificate and the rings fall from her pocket, the truth is revealed. Georg is hurt and feels betrayed, and in a way I understand him. I think he really loved Emma. He threatens to kill her, but as luck will have it, Marta appears and kills him. Emma runs, leaving a wounded Marta behind, and when she goes to Krysia’s, she realizes the Gestapo has been there. Krysia is dead, and I was sorry to read that. She was one of the best characters in the book! So Emma finally leaves with Lucasz, and they go to find Jacob, who has been hidden not far from Krakow.

The novel was entertaining, but this is not my favourite WWII book. There are parts that were a bit too light and modern, and some facts are inaccurate. Yet, all in all, I enjoyed the story of Emma. There is two other books, a prequel and a sequel, but for the moment I won’t be reading them.


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