Something Dangerous 8 – The End



There are a few moments that surprised me at the end of the book. I didn’t expect Laurence to die, but I have to say that I didn’t feel any compassion for him. However much Barty said she loved him, I really couldn’t see why. The man was a real rotter, and I can’t understand how she could fall for him. I was sorrier for John, who had loved Barty so selflessly and who Barty had deceived and betrayed without a second’s thought. I really didn’t miss Laurence after his death. Barty’s pregnancy was also a surprise, and I’m glad she had her little girl. And what threw me completely is when she finally announced that she was Laurence’s wife and had inherited the houses and half of Lyttons New York. I guess she deserved that after putting up with Laurence, but that didn’t satisfy me. I didn’t want Barty to go to New York; I like English Barty and modest Barty, not the rich one. 😦 In any case, at the end of the book, Barty buys the other half of Lyttons New York from Celia and Oliver, and she almost takes over Lyttons London as they are in great financial difficulties.

And as I was expecting, the secret of Kit’s real father is finally in the open when he and Izzie decide to elope. Thankfully, Celia and Sebastian stop them before it was too late. I was so sorry for Kit as the poor young man has suffered a great deal: first his blindness, then Catriona, the woman who he loved left him, then falling for his half-sister and learning about it and his mother’s secrecy and betrayal.

A great book. I’ve experienced lots of mixed feelings throughout it all. I had suffered a lot while seeing Barty making the mistake of her life. And I’ve loved seeing the characters grown, especially the twins, who I thought would be unbearable, but they are both quite decent characters. The only person who disappointed me is Giles. He grew so bitter and hostile to Barty. I liked him very much in the first book and at the beginning of the second one, but as soon as he married Helena, he became a sourpuss!


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