New Book – Something Dangerous by Penny Vincenzi


Publishing year: 2001

This new book in the trilogy starts in 1928, eight years later than the first book.

The twins are eighteen now, and they are frivolous and only worry about clothes and shopping. Celia would like them to take an interest in the publishing company, but they just don’t care. They have been presented in society, and the novel starts at their birthday.

Giles is twenty-three and is working at Lyttons. Yet, he’s not happy since he thinks his mother is too overbearing and likes to point out his mistakes. I think he’s a bit unfair about his mother. Celia has made mistakes, but I don’t think she’s that cruel with her children.

Barty is studying at Oxford and she’s graduated soon. She finally gets a first and they are very proud of her. I wonder if in this book something will happen between her and Giles. Since they were children, they have been very close and I think Giles is smitten with her.

Something that surprises me is that Sebastian seems to be a fixed presence in teh house. I guess Celia and he never resumed their affair, but Oliver knew about them. How did he let this man come to his house so freely? Sebastian’s books are a success and mean great profits for Lyttons. But would that be enough reason for Oliver to turn a blind eye? Is money more important than his pride and his wife? At the beginning of the book, Barty makes a reference to Kit, Celia’s son, looking like Sebastian, so I guess the author now makes it clear that Kit is Sebastian’s. I wonder if the truth will be known at some point. At the twins’ birthday dinner Sebastian announces she’s met someone, Pandora Harvey, and is going to marry her. Celia is upset. I’m curious to know what has been going on in these eight years. What is her relationship with Sebastian like? Are they simply civil to each other? Barty has perceived that Celia is very cold to Sebastian and she even thinks Celia doesn’t like him. Is that a defence mechanism? Or has he fallen into temptation again? And what about Celia and Oliver?

Apart from Sebastian and Pandora, Letizia seems to be in love with Boy Warwick, who is a friend of Giles’s. He’s apparently a flirt. I wonder if the man will take advantage of the girl’s fondness or maybe he’ll want a proper relationship with him.

Interesting start. I’m sure it’s going to be a fascinating journey as well. This book will include the years of the Second World War. That will mean Giles might have to join the war, and maybe even Jay, who in 1939 must be about 20 or so.


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