The Medea Complex 2 – The End



The novel threw me in the last chapters. At first, I liked Anne, but the way the book concludes turns her in a less sympathetic character. I didn’t like Edgar, her husband, because he treated her hideously. I can understand what happened couldn’t have left him indifferent, but he never tried to talk to her. We learn later that he had a plan to seduce Anne and he did it. It was some kind of revenge because of a family feud. He obviously didn’t love her. And Anne didn’t love him. I have to admit she was clever. He pretended to be mad so that he wouldn’t be sentenced to death for the death of the child, who we know wasn’t hers. John was safe while she bought a baby from a poor woman and killed him. And then he orchestrated her own murder while she was safe in a cottage with her son. She was afraid Edgar would take the baby away from her and left her destitute when John inherited the money and the estate. Yet, killing a poor innocent baby to save her own was cruel and wicked, and letting her husband be hanged for a crime that he didn’t commit was also despicable.

The story is sometimes a bit confusing, but very original and intriguing. I enjoyed it.

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