New Book – The Medea Complex by Rachel Florence Roberts


Publishing year: 2013

This book is told from different points of view.

The main character is Anne, a woman who wakes up in some kind of cell. She believes she’s been kidnapped. Actually, she’s in a mental asylum since we learn later that she’s killed her baby. Despite the horrific crime, I like Anne quite a lot. The way she speaks to the staff of the asylum is so irreverent that it made me laugh. Anne is amnesic and doesn’t remember the reason why he’s been locked, her husband, or even her married name. I feel sorry for her as she’s submitted to restrictions and cruel treatments.

We also get to hear about her husband’s voice. Edgar’s struggling with the feelings of hatred and love for his wife. I don’t like him very much as he’s too worried about money. I believe his pain about losing his son is genuine, but I don’t like him. He also hides something; we learn that his father is somebody who’s lied about. It’s obvious that his father is not in the same league as the people Edgar married into, and I think money is the reason why he does everything. I think there’s more about his marriage than meets the eye. I have the suspicion Anne is afraid of him.

In the last chapters Anne finally gets her memory back when cruel Nurse Ruth calls her baby killer. She’s now on the way to recovery. Even though what Anne did was terrible, I wonder what could possibly have happened to make Anne commit this crime. Anne seems to be intelligent, sensitive, and charming. I don’t like how Dr. Savage chalks up her condition to her gender and her reading habits. I know this kind of thought was common for the period, and it’s really outrageous to see how men consider women less than them.

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