The Christmas Bucket List by Ella Fairlie


Publishing year: 2014

This weekend I’ve also read a Christmasy book.

It’s about Isobel, a South-African girl, who is spending her first Christmas in London. She has big plans to have the Christmas she’s ever dreamed of, which includes the man she’s having an affair with, her boss. Yet, Brett, the boss, lets him down at the last minute, giving her the excuse that he was going on a business trip. Now Jamie, her IT colleague, comes to the rescue, and destiny throws Isobel and Jamie together. Jamie is ready to do all the plans Isabel has on her list. Naturally, they fall in love, and Isobel realizes the kind of man Brett is, a cheater. He isn’t on a business trip, but travelled with a woman he chatted up at the Christmas party. Thankfully, she learns how important Jamie has become for her, and despite a few misunderstandings, they end up together.

I like reading these books at Christmas time. They’re sweet and romantic. A nice read for a rainy December afternoon.


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