New Book – Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen


Publishing year: 2006

I’ve just started this book.

I know there’s a film, but I haven’t seen it. The book starts with Jacob, who works in a circus, and then the animals in the menagerie tent get loose and when he runs into the tent, he sees somebody called Marlena killing somebody with a stake. Jacob says this is a secret he has kept for seventy years. We then learn that Jacob is now a very old man of ninety years old and he’s in an old people’s home. He sounds down and somehow depressed. He doesn’t want to be in this home, being fed only tapioca or some kind of mash. And then some of the ladies in the home make a fuss when they see a circus raising its tent close to the home.

The book starts with a crime and therefore, a mystery. Interesting!


3 thoughts on “New Book – Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen

  1. The movie didn’t spark my attention so I didn’t watch it either, but maybe the book is better. What’s your opinion overall? I read your posts because I knew I wasn’t going to read it and you didn’t seem to excited by it….

    • It wasn’t the greatest book I’ve ever read. It wasn’t bad, but the problem is that I couldn’t relate to the characters, especially the girl. The main male character falls in love with her but I couldn’t feel the spark or the love. I think the woman’s character was superficially portrayed; there is not much dialogue coming from her lips, so she felt as a ghost figure to me.

  2. Mmhhh…it’s bad when you can’t relate with one of the main characters of the story! Especially if she’s the one who the male protagonist falls in love with. Probably the author wasn’t able to make you feel what’s special about her!

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