New Book – Conditional Love by Cathy Bramley


Publishing year: 2013

This is a light read, the kind I often find entertaining and it doesn’t entail too much effort.

The main character is Sophie, who wakes up on Valentine’s Day in bliss. She’s happy as she’s in love with Marc and for the first time in years she’s not alone on Valentine’s Day. Yet, her happiness doesn’t last. When that morning Marc wakes, she breaks up with her. Do men like this really exist? How can somebody be so callous? And like Sophie’s flatmates say, this man is really a freeloader. The creep has spent the night with her, and then in the morning he has the revelation that their relationship doesn’t work. Oh please!!!

Sophie is understandably low in spirits. And that evening she receives a letter from a firm of lawyers, announcing that somebody called Jane Kennedy has left her something in her will. Sophie claims she doesn’t know anybody by that name, so she thinks it might be a mistake. Yet, she makes an appointment with the lawyers.


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