New Book – The Good House by Ann Leary


Publishing year: 2013

After Frances Doughty’s mysteries, I’ve started this book.

The main character is Hildy Good, an estate agent, living in a small town in Massachusetts. She’s divorced, and her two daughters are grown and married or in relationships. The book is told in Hildy’s voice, and she tells us about her problems with alcohol. Her daughters made her go to a clinic for a month to overcome her problem, which she believed she didn’t have. Yet, since then she hasn’t tasted alcohol any more.

And now through Hildy’s peculiar voice and humour we are presented some of the characters of her community. She is now focused on the McAllisters, a couple who Hildy sold their magnificent house. The man is very rich, but the woman seems to have certain issues, or that’s what Hilday seems to perceive. After the sale, one of her colleagues throws a party for this couple, and Hildy tells us about the guests: her friend Mamy, her psychiatrist Peter Newbold and his wife Elise, and Sharon and Lou Rice. I still don’t know what direction this novel is taking me, but I find it interesting. I like the narrative and the way Hildy tells us what she sees and perceives.


4 thoughts on “New Book – The Good House by Ann Leary

  1. This new book seems pretty original! It isn’t very usual to have a female protagonist with a normal life but with drinking issues who is likeable all the same. I mean, there is often a male rugged protagonist with some issues and a lone wolf attitude because of a painful past or something like that; someone the reader can feel sorry for and somewhat justify. Here, instead, Hildy seemingly doesn’t have any problem…but maybe it’s just the surface???

    • It’s a good book indeed. At first, I was a bit confused about all the characters this woman mentions, but now that I’m reaching the end of the book, I have to say that it’s superb. I have never read any books about the perspectives of an alcoholic in denial. It’s fascinating the way Hildy deceives herself and others. Sometimes you get angry with her, but you also feel very sorry for her because I think nobody has ever helped her for real.

      • I don’t now how Hildy’s problem is developed throught the book but, if this is the first one of a series, I think it might get interesting to read about how (and/or if) she’ll face her issue other that to help to solve murders…

  2. It’s not a series, Paola. Just this one book. And there are no murders in this book and she doesn’t solve any mysterious deaths. This book is not a whodunnit or crime story.

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