New Book – The Story of Us by Dani Atkins


Publishing year: 2014

I’m in the mood for some romance on this Sunday afternoon.

I started the book this morning, and it’s about Emma, who seemed to have had a total twist in her life. She’s getting ready to get married, and as she reminisces, she mentions being in love with two men at the same time just a fortnight before her wedding.

The story takes us to Emma’s hen night. After enjoying a great night, Emma and her friends Caroline and Amy drive back to their town. Yet, in the dark a deer appears out of the blue, and the girls have an accident. Emma is trapped in the car and can’t see Amy anywhere. Caroline manages to get out even though she’s in shock, and tries to find Amy. Then while Emma is still in the mangled car, a man appears to help, Jack. He manages to get her out of the car before it explodes. Amy’s injuries are quite serious, and the last thing I’ve read is that she dies in the hospital.

It’s obvious that there’s a strong chemistry between Jack and Emma. He’s an American writer who’s in England to write his novel. I imagine that he’s the man Emma says she fell in love with before her wedding. Now I wonder what will happen now. Will she keep seeing Jack? And who is the man she’s marrying in the end? She only says she’s getting ready for her wedding, but I think she doesn’t mention the man. I’m not really impressed with Emma’s fiancé, Richard. He’s quite clumsy, and compared to Jack, he’s clearly in the losing end.


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