Three Wishes 7 – The End



I started to realize who was who at the restaurant when Emma announced she was pregnant. And when she came up with the crazy, though selfless, idea of giving the baby to Cat, I suspected that wouldn’t end up well. And that was the reason why Cat throws the knife at Gemma because in the end she changes her mind about the baby. We get to know throughout the book that Gemma was the generous sister, giving in for her sisters’ sake. Her breakup with Charlie was greatly motivated by Cat’s problems with her husband, but I think deep down she also feared that her dream would become a nightmare like it happened with Marcus.

Thankfully, Gemma and the baby were all right. She had a beautiful boy, and I loved how she called Charlie and the way she told her about the baby. I think that Gemma needed someone like Charlie, and for once she had a right to think of herself.

While her sisters enjoyed their happy families, Cat was sunk into a depression. She had lost her husband, the possibility to be a mother, and she wasn’t too happy in her job. However, little by little we see a transformation in her as she starts to think about the choices she has before her rather than all her lacks. It was nice of Lyn to think of her sister Cat when her ex-boyfriend Hank told her and Michael about the self-help book for teenagers he was trying to find a writer for. Cat got the job and a new hope in life. And at the end of the book it seems there’s even the hint of some romance for Cat as well.

I totally enjoyed the book. The characters became very dear to me. My favourite character was Gemma, but I loved Cat and Lyn as well. I’m just sorry that Dan could enjoy life when he had been so unfair to Cat. But I guess that’s life.


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