New Book – Three Wishes by Liane Moriarty


Publishing year: 2003

This is the second book by Liane Moriarty I have the opportunity to read.

I loved the first one I read: The Last Anniversary, and I bet this one will be a nice journey to go on. In the prologue we get to hear about a incident happening in a restaurant. At a table there are three sisters , actually they’re triplets, and they’re enjoying a lovely birthday. One of them is pregnant. At the end of the meal they each open a letter, and they start to fight. One of them angrily throws a fondue fork, which ends up stuck in her pregnant sister’s big stomach. When she sees what she’d done, she faints. There’s blood on the pregnant woman’s belly, so the third sister calls an ambulance.

This is the beginning of the novel, and it has already hooked my attention. I wonder what were in those letters to cause such a reaction.


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