New Book – The Ex-boyfriend’s Handbook by Matt Dunn


Publishing year: 2006

The start of the book is Edward having received a note from his girlfriend, telling him that she was leaving him.

The poor man had been at his parents’ over the weekend, and when he returns to his flat, there’s no trace of Jane, and all the furniture and her clothes are gone. She’s left him a note, telling him that he has let himself go and she’s leaving for Nepal. Edward admits that she has put on a few pounds in the last ten years he’s been with Jane. I think what Jane’s done is so cruel, and she’s obviously a coward. Edward deserved to be told face to face. Yet, I think Edward isn’t really in love with Jane, and maybe that was the case with her as well. I feel sorry for him because of the way his girlfriend has left him, but I also think they shouldn’t be together.

Dan is Edward’s best friend. He’s quite the opposite to Edward. He avoids commitments with women, but that doesn’t mean he’s not successful. On the contrary, he has lots of casual sex, and then he forgets about the women. Edward thinks he has the physique woman seek. I also think that Dan has a huge ego, and he feels he rules the roost just because he has a petty programme on TV. Dan seems to be a good friend as well, and he’s going to help Edward to get Jane back. Edward needs to make a few changes, and I guess that’s what we’re going to witness from now on.

Interesting start. I like Edward, and I really hope he finds a better girlfriend who can appreciate him more than just his looks.

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