New Book: One Hundred Proposals by Holly Martin


Publishing year: 2014

This is the second book by Holly Martin I’ve read. I started this one yesterday, and I have to say that it’s quite funny.

I like the main character, Suzie McKenzie, who owns some kind of online company which prepares proposals for other people. She works with Harry, a computer technician, and he comes up with the idea of proposing to her a hundred times, and have her opinion on the blog of the company. That makes Suzie nervous because he’s been in love with Harry for two years, but he only sees her as a friend and he’s dating a curvaceous woman who Suzie has dubbed Sexy Samantha.

The first proposal Harry tries is the traditional one. The man on bended knee and presenting her with a ring. Suzie qualifies this as too clichéd. And the truth is that it wasn’t really romantic. They were in their crammed office, which wasn’t the ideal environment.


The second proposal takes place the second day. Harry presents her with a coffee, a heart on the froth, and a cinnamon swirl with the words “Marry Me”. Suzie is taken aback and even sheds some tears since she had forgotten about Harry’s idea for the blog, and she’s too sensitive since she really wishes he could propose to her for real. Suzie finally says that the proposal was a bit too cheap.

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The premise of the book is interesting, and I bet it’s going to be a fun journey to see how Harry and Suzie come together in the end because I imagine that’s what will happen.


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