New Book – The Bed I Made by Lucie Whitehouse


Publishing year: 2010

The narrator/main character in this story is Kate.

The first scene we are introduced is of her witnessing the police bringing a lost dinghy to shore, but the woman who was on it is missing. The following day Kate realizes she knows the woman as she had a brief conversation with her, and she could tell that this woman, Alice Frewin, had problems.

After this introduction we get snippets from Kate’s life. It’s obvious that she’s fleeing something or somebody. She has moved to the Isle of Wight, and has entertained the thought of committing suicide, but she resisted the idea in the end. We also know that she doesn’t answered the emails she receives of her dad, Helen, and Richard. I can guess that Helen is either a good friend of hers or her stepmother. Before leaving for the Isle of Wight, there is a scene between Helen and Kate in a hospital after Kate had an accident with her bike. That’s what she tells Helen, but I have the impression that she’s lying and something else happened. Richard is her partner or lover, but she’s ignoring his calls and his emails, so I wonder if what happened to Kate is that Richard beat her. Whatever it is, it’s obvious that Kate has secrets and is a mystery in herself.

The book is quite atmospheric. There’s little dialogue and lots of descriptions, at least, now at the beginning. The lack of dialogue and surfeit of description can be quite offputting for me since it’s not my favourite style. Now that the author has established something else about Kate, it’s getting more interesting, and I wonder if the boat adrift and the woman missing will have any bearing with Kate and her life.


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