Angel With Two Faces 6 – The End

Angel with Two Faces


The end in this book is tragic and very sad, to say the least.

Yet, despite its sadness, I’ve  enjoyed it greatly. I think this novel is much better than the first one. I like Ms. Upson’s mysteries, and the main reason is because so far I haven’t guessed the mystery or the culprit of the murders.

In this novel it turns out that the dead man was not dead after all, and instead he is the murderer. We already knew he had killed his parents in desperation. When he reappears and stands before Morwenna, he tells her about the man he killed the day before he disappeared. Harry put his boots and belt on this man, and after a month underwater, the man was barely recognisable, so everybody assumed the corpse was Harry’s. Harry also killed Nathaniel because he thought Nathaniel knew what was happening between him and Morwenna, and in this misunderstanding, he murdered to set himself and Morwenna free.

After his confession, Morwenna makes him believe they have to go away with Loveday. Yet, she realizes the wickedness and violence of her brother, and I guess she thinks their feelings are the root of this evil. So she lures Harry to go to bed and sets the house on fire, and then she hangs herself in the forest.

The mystery of Christopher is also solved; he saw Harry in the cemetery, and fearing what Harry could do to him if he learnt Loveday was pregnant, he fled and started working in a nearby town at the docks. Now that he got a feel of freedom, he was reluctant to return.

I really enjoyed the book. Even when Harry showed up and I understood he wasn’t dead, I didn’t think he was the killer. A very clever and intriguing novel. I can’t wait to read the next one.


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