Red Light 4 – The End


After finishing the book, I have to say that the story hooked me from the beginning.

The ambivalent topic of revenge and doing the right thing is explored all through the book. We don’t feel any sympathy for the murdered men, and even Katie secretly rooted for the murderess. I imagined that the woman would end up dead, and I think like she said, Katie would have nightmares for being the one to end her life. Apart from that, the book doesn’t clarify what is going to happen to Michael Gerrety, but now that Katie has evidence that he paid Molloy money for his silence, she’ll be able to bring charges against him. I hope that also means that Molloy doesn’t get away with his coverup. I didn’t like the man at all, and the way he treated Katie from the first moment was atrocious. I don’t know how she could keep cool around the man.

Something I didn’t expect was for the woman who was going to marry Katie’s father to die. That was something very sad, and I think Katie felt guilty since it was her who was supposed to suffer that attack. In any case, she found out that the killers were the two gardai who collaborated with Gerrety. At least, they are going to pay for what we did.

And I’m really disappointed in John. I didn’t understand why he couldn’t stay in Ireland. What was so wrong about the country? I think I’d feel as bitter as Katie herself. I thought John was a great character, but this sudden urge to leave Ireland and Katie made him look very low. I don’t understand the man at all. He’s trading love for just another country to live in. He’s insane. He had everything; the love of the woman he claimed he loved above everything else, a home with her, and even a job. That’s more than what many people have. I imagine that during the recession, which must have been very similar to things here in Spain, many people would give their right hand for a job, any job. And John became whiny after just being at work one day. And doesn’t he know that your home is where your heart is? Isn’t his heart with Katie?

Apart from John’s disappointment, I loved the book, and I can’t wait for the fourth instalment. I hope that in that novel John returns to Katie. 🙂


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