Red Light 3


There is soon going to be another victim.

The woman has abducted another man, Bula, the Nigerian man who was keeping watch on Kaziyyah. Once again she makes the man cut off his own hand, but this time she also shot him in the knee when he threatened her. Little by little we learn a bit more about this woman; her revenge is because of a girl who was also forced to become a prostitute and eventually killed herself by throwing herself into the river. I wonder if this girl was the murderer’s sister because I think she’s too young to be her mother. Apparently, she’s getting her revenge on every man who  contributed to the end of the girl. I guess she will also want to kill Geretty and the one who works for him Mr. Dessie.

It’s clever how the author exposes these men, and you can’t help but side with the murderess. These men are beyond horrible. I was shocked to read the scene of the interview between Gerrety and Katie. The man spoke as if he were doing these girls a favour when in reality we know through Kazziyah that this man virtually abducts these girls, forces them to become prostitutes, and also makes them drug addicts so that they are indebted to him even more. That man deserves the worst, and even though it’s not nice to say you want the man dead, I hope he goes to jail and rot there.

As for Katie, things are going to wobble between her and John. John is miffed because he hardly sees her as she works too many hours, and Katie also deduces that John is also upset because of the part she had in getting him the job interview. He admits he feels manipulated, and he’s right when he says that she always thinks he is responsible for others and never considers her wishes for one minute. I hope they sort out their matters because I like them together.


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