Red Light 2


The main theme in this new case of Katie is sexual slavery.

The police has been launching a campaign to stop prostitution called ‘red light’, and in reaction to this, a crook Gerrety is carrying out another campaign ‘the green light’. He lets ‘his’ girls advertise themselves on a website, and he charges them when they have clients. According to Katie, the law can do little since in the advertisements there is no mention to the sexual services these girls provide, but even so, they are trying to fight Gerrety.

We are introduced to a girl called Zakiyyah from Laos, who was brought to Ireland under false pretences. She was promised that she could work in a nightclub dancing and would earn much more than in her native country. Yet, that was a deceit. The girl was drugged, her luggage and passport stolen, and now she’s forced to prostitute to pay back the money these crooks allegedly paid for her plane ticket and accommodation. I hope Zakiyya finds a way to escape this world. The girls she has met have been in the brothel for a long time, and I suspect that the vaccine that one of the men gave her is an addictive drug, so that she needs the drug and keeps working for them.

As for the murder, we know that the black man who was killed was into drugs and prostitution. And now there’s been another murder. We were introduced to the victim before; he was a Romanian man who was reported to the police because a little girl he adopted was treated horrendously by him and his mother. Now the little girl has been removed from his custody, but he still hoped to get her back because the main witness had declined to declare after he threatened her. The man was horrible, and he also had girls working for him as sexual slaves. The woman who killed him very crudely calls herself the avenging angel. I can’t condone murder, but I don’t feel sorry for the guy. Mr. Masterton’s descriptions when the man hacked his own hand off were really graphic and very well done. It’s interesting that in this case the author is portraying a case in which the victims can be labelled as scum, and we readers don’t feel any sympathy for them.  I imagine that the woman killing these men was a victim of these unscrupulous creeps herself.

As for Katie’s personal life, John is still in Ireland since she managed to set him for an interview with a pharmaceutical company who needed a computer expert. John got the job, but I think he feels insecure because the man who agreed to interview him owed Katie a favour. In any case, I like seeing them together since they look so in love with each other. I think in the first book we saw a very sad Katie, but now she seems to shine from time to time. Her job gives her nightmares, and obscures her life, but I think John has brought light to her life. And I’m not sure if I’m right, but I think Katie might be pregnant. She threw up once when she was having dinner, and her explanation was that she couldn’t stop thinking about the rotting body she had seen that day. I don’t know how long John and Katie have been together, but I think it’d be nice for her to have a baby. She lost her baby years ago, and she still feels his absence powerfully. A new baby won’t make her pain disappear, but I’m sure it’ll be a new element which might give her bigger happiness.


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