New Book – Red Light by Graham Masterton


Publishing year: 2014

This is the third book of the series about the superintendent Katie Maguire.

In the second book the last chapter ended with John, Katie’s love interest, leaving for America and when he’s about to board, a hand touches his shoulder. I thought that Katie had decided to leave Ireland for America, but in this new book in the series Katie is still in Ireland, and she also mentions John. So far I don’t know much about her personal life in this moment; I’m not sure if John decided against going to America, or maybe they’re having a relationship in the distance. I guess I’ll learn more about this as the book progresses.

At the beginning of the novel we are introduced to a new mystery/crime. Two men (an estate agent and a prospective client) go to inspect an empty store and find a black man dead in the premises. There’s also a girl on the verge of emaciation and in shock. Katie is called to investigate the case. In the first inquiries, the police can see that the man has been shot in the face twice, his hands have been cut off but they can’t be found anywhere, and he must have been dead for three years. The man has the tattoo of a snake on his penis coiling towards his stomach and his lips are tattooed in bright pink, which one of the policemen says is a trend among Nigerians. The girl found in the crime scene is in shock, and the only thing she told the men who found her was the murdered man’s name, that the murderer was a woman, and she was thirteen years old.

Interesting beginning. I’ve loved the previous books in this sequels. Katie is a great character: strong, decisive, but with a great dose of tenderness as well. I wonder what the mystery behind this death is.


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