The Half-Life of Hannah by Nick Alexander


Publishing year: 2012

Since the title includes Hannah, it is obvious that the main character is Hannah.

The book starts with Hannah being on holiday in France with her husband Cliff, her son Luke, her sister Jill, her niece, and a gay friend called Tristan. From the first scene there is some kind of tension between Hannah and her husband, but once they get to their villa, things relax between them. Yet, we understand that Hannah has settled for what she has now, but her life lacks a clear spark. We clearly notice that she isn’t madly in love with Cliff, and she admits that somehow she is jealous of her sister and Tristan. They have very uninhibited lives. Jill goes from one lover to the following, but never has a steady relationship in her life, and Tristan currently has three lovers at the same time. Hannah wistfully wonders about the lack of passion for her, and wonders how it would be to enjoy a crazier sexual life.

I don’t know where the story will take us, but I’m sure that there will be a point in which the crisis between Hannah and Cliff will come to a head. I don’t know what to think about Cliff. He’s quite conservative and dull, but his voice has been quite weak in the story. As for Hannah, I think she’s quite ambiguous; she loves the steadiness of her love life but at the same time she longs for more. What that more will be… we’ll have to see.


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