The Silent Wife 3 – The End

the silent wife


I didn’t really expect Todd to be murdered. I know that Jodi was capable of cruelty and insensitivity after that business with the sleeping pills, but I thought her revenge on Todd would have gone in another direction. I think she is an intelligent woman, and it’d have been more interesting if her revenge had been more psychological than physical. When Alison hints at murder, I was shocked that Jodi didn’t even question herself for a minute. She takes it in her stride and accepts without another thought. She even has enough time as she sells her trinkets to pay the hired guys, but she still doesn’t stop to think if she should do it. She never thinks about Todd losing his life. I know she was angry because of what he’d done to her: he cheated on her, left her, and then wanted her evicted. That was unfair, but I think Jodi settled in this relationship and didn’t work on it. She says she was the perfect wife, but a wife is more than the woman who cleans, cooks, and keeps a bed warm, isn’t it? I think by giving Todd so much rope she lost him. But kill him? That’s really crazy!!!

I wasn’t sad that Todd died anyway. He was a terrible character. He was selfish and only thought about himself. He didn’t know what he wanted. At times he was certain of his decision to leave Jodi and his love for Natasha. Then he would claim that Natasha drove him crazy and he missed Jodi terribly. And then she tried to chat a waitress up!!! The man was incorrigible! In any case, he didn’t deserve to be murdered. I would have liked Jodi to give him a good lesson, but not murder.

And in the end Dean is arrested for the murder. The police has enough evidence to convict him as he had been dealing with a couple of guys to kill Todd. The perpetrators deny having done the deed, but it’s not clear if Dean was the culprit, or it was Jodi’s guys. Jodi never hears from Alison again, and she thinks she might have taken the money and fled. The novel doesn’t give a clear explanation about it. What we learn or rather what is hinted at the end of the book is that Jodi’s older brother raped both Jodi and Jodi’s younger brother. I didn’t see the relevance of this in the novel, but by reading some opinions and reviews, I now understand that this fact is relevant in the way Jodi is. She learnt from a very young age to keep silent and let things stay the same, and that’s how she lived her adult life. She kept mum about Todd’s affairs because she wanted things to remain the same, and I think it isn’t Todd leaving which upset her so much, it is the change, especially when she is threatened to be evicted. Things are crumbling down for her, so she tries to do the ultimate act by concocting Todd’s murder.

The book is interesting, but the characters are totally dislikeable. There are parts that I found a bit boring.


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