New Book – Letters to My Mother by Rebecca Heath


Publishing year: 2008

This morning I started this book.


Kate finds letters that she wrote to her mother in 1956 when she was at the university of Washington in Seattle. We read those letters alongside Kate, but apart from the epistolary style, the events are also novelised with details that Kate omitted in her letters.

In 1956 Kate is studying anthropology at university and gets employed by a professor to type some articles. Kate feels an instant attraction to this professor, who is years older than her. She learns that he is married and has two teenage children, but she can’t stop thinking about him. Kate admits that she has never liked boys her age, and she had crutches on other older men before.  Even though Kate keeps reminding herself that he’s married and she won’t go closer to a married man, I suspect that they’ll have an affair. I think the professor is also attracted to her, so sooner or later something will happen between them.


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