New Book – A Time for Silence by Thorne Moore


Publishing year: 2012

I decided to read this book now.

The main character is Sarah, a Welsh-born woman, engaged to Marcus. When Marcus leaves for New York where he’ll stay for three months, Sarah decides to visit her mother in County Kerry, and on their way back home she curiously looks at the advertisements at an estate agent’s. It is then that she recognizes the name of the house where she was born. She asks to see the farm, which has been left to neglect. Curious, back home she tries to find out more about her grandparents. On the internet she finds her grandfather’s death certificate, and she is surprised to find out that her grandfather died after being shot.

I don’t know what to think so far. It seems it’s going to be a book about discoveries from the past, so the first premise seems interesting. I hope it grabs my attention.


3 thoughts on “New Book – A Time for Silence by Thorne Moore

  1. Was it interesting? Because the setting and the story about Sarah rediscovering the house where she was born and the past of her grandparents seems good. Even if I wonder why she didn’t know about his grandfather’s death and the abandonement of her family’s farm…

      • Thanks for the suggestion then! I’ll keep it in mind when I’m looking for something new to read!

        PS: As yo can imagine, I understand how to see the replies you left to my comments! LOL, despite the fact that my work consinst in doing web applications, sometimes I’m a bit slow! XD

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