Named of the Dragon 4 – The End



The mystery is solved, and the person behind the creepy tricks to confuse Elen was Owen’s wife. She always thought that Elen was not a suitable mother, and intended to kidnap the baby and give it away to a couple. That’s so sinister. I’m really sure why Lyn thought that Stevie and Elen were in danger, and why she thought whoever was playing the tricks would hurt them. Maybe she really believed those dreams she had. Thankfully, she had the sense to flee and Owen caught up with his wife before she could do any harm.

The tense goodbye between Gareth and Lynn was totally intense. I could feel the sexual tension in the air, and I was disappointed Lyn went and Gareth didn’t do anything to stop her. What a couple of stubborn fools!!! And Gareth going against his principles to find her in London was really a very romantic touch. I’m sorry there was not even a kiss between them, but well, I guess imagination is free, and we can imagine what happened between them afterwards.

Nice book with a very bucolic setting. The mixture between dreams, magic, history, and the present gives the novel a powerful plot. Lovely.


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