Sharp Objects 4 – The End



In the end, I was right on both accounts. Adora is the first murderer to be discovered. She killed her own daughter, because apparently she longed to be wanted, and since Camille wasn’t easy to look after, she focused all her energies on Marian. So she was the one causing her all her ailments until she killed her. I can’t believe that despite the suspicions of a nurse back then, nobody cared to find out whether those suspicions were true. Thankfully, Camille suspected something was going on when she started feeling very sick just after her mother gave her some medicine.

Camille and the police also thought that Adora had killed Ann and Natalie, but my first guess was right and Amma killed them. I can’t understand how Camille never suspected her sister. She gave her so many clues as she talked about hurting people. And when she showed some jealousy about her new friend, I was sure there would be a new victim. Amma was finally arrested and her three friends were also apprehended for abetting and aiding her. How could these girls do something so terrible to those little girls? Only Jodes seemed to be eaten by remorse, and her friends thought about killing her as well. And the only reason why Amma pulled out the girls’ teeth was because she needed them for the floor of her doll house. So creepy and morbid.

After Amma is arrested, Camille has a relapse, but now Curry and his wife are helping her and she now has the family she never had before.

When you finish this book, you still feel uncomfortable. There is no happy end here even though the murderers are caught and the main character seems to get over her problem little by little. So much nastiness and vice is portrayed in this book that you can’t end it with a smile. It is quite different and haunting, but I can say I couldn’t put it down.

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