Better Together 2 – The End



The book was easy to read, but what a disappointed end!!! I didn’t expect this to end with such a flat resolution! At Jess’s fiftieth birthday party she discovers that her husband has been having an affair for two years. The following day she gets to know her stepdaughter’s new boyfriend who turns out to be Dan. Jess flees to Cornwall to think about what to do about Sam, and Dan goes to see her and confesses that he loves her. Yet, despite the sweet moment they enjoy that day, Jess decides to get back with Sam. That night there is a fire, and as Sam rescues Freya and Jess, he has a heart attack and dies.

After his death, Jess finds out that Sam is not the man she thought he was. Sam has been having affairs for years, enjoying luxurious escapades with his mistresses, and the police and lawyer also tell Jess that Sam was deep in debt as he gambled on the internet quite a lot. Jess finds herself widowed, cuckolded, and skint. Dan returns to her life, and he does everything to gain her back, and he does. He keeps saying he hasn’t loved anybody as much as he has loved her, and Jess still loves him. But then when the lawyer reads Sam’s will, she finds out that Evie is the third daughter of her husband, and Dan is not her father. Alex is waiting to see her and confesses everything to her. She even tells her that she set fire to her house, but she meant no harm; she only wanted to scare Sam. Alex asks Jess to keep her secret, and because she’s a mother now and doesn’t want to hurt Alex’s children, she promises she won’t say a word. I really don’t understand how Alex could agree to that. That woman almost killed her daughter even though she didn’t mean. Nobody has a right to take justice in their own hands, and with her action Alex put at risk too many lives. I think Alex needed some kind of punishment because what she did wasn’t right, but Jess is more understanding.

That secret will be what destroys her relationship with Dan. He proposes to her and she accepts, but then she starts having doubts. She is very insecure because of their age difference, and even though Dan assures that isn’t important, she can’t shed her fears. Yet, when she finally breaks up with him is because she knows she can’t tell him about Evie’s real father since that will destroy him and Evie, and she knows that if she commits to him it won’t be right to keep such a huge secret. So that’s how the book ends. Jess breaks up with him, goes to live to Cornwall, and in the last chapter we get to understand that her happiness now lies on her daughter, family, and friends.

When I first read the blurb of this book, I liked it. The idea of a older woman in a relationship with a younger man was quite attractive, and I did enjoy that part in the book. I didn’t really like Dan in the first part because he was too selfish and only thought about himself, and Jess was quite the doormat. In the second part I saw the differences that Dan had undergone and even though at first I didn’t like him pursue Jess when she was still married, I eventually warmed to him. Yet, I didn’t like the way Jess decided everything in the end. I think this woman let too many people trampled over her: first Dan, then her husband, and eventually Alex, who makes her keep a secret that will turn her life inside out. I thought there would be a happy ending. The end is not really sad, but it was a damper to see Jess and Dan go different ways.



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