Better Together 1 by Nicola May


Publishing year: 2011

This is the new book I started this morning and I had time to read half of it.

The main character is Jess, a thirty-nine-year-old woman, who is single and falls in love with a man sixteen years her junior. Jess is totally smitten, but I find her quite the doormat. Dan, the man she’s in love with, finishes his relationship with his present girlfriend after he has an affair with Jess. He has a two-year-old daughter, or at least, that’s what he thinks as his girlfriend made him believe he is the father when Evie belongs to somebody else. Apart from his sense of responsibility as a father, I don’t like Dan at all. He uses Jess for his own pleasure, and even makes her do things she doesn’t want, like the time she took ecstasy even if she didn’t like the idea of doing drugs. Dan keeps going about them being mates and how great Jess is. Jess gets pregnant, but Dan tells her that he doesn’t want the child. So since she is so in love, she has a termination because she wants to protect her relationship with Dan. Dan leaves her as many times as three because he says that Jess crowds him and doesn’t see them together in ten years’ time. He thinks that her age is a problem and he wants to be single. This is what he says every time, but then it is him who seeks her out and does the same again. I really can’t understand Jess’s attitude. I know she’s in love but the guy treats her terribly. She is an intelligent woman, but as far as Dan is concerned, she acts as if she were a teenager.

In the end when Dan and Jess finally break up for good, she starts seeing Dan’s boss and the company she usually works with. Sam seems a nice man, but there’s something that he keeps from Jess on that first date. He tells her that she is divorced and has a twenty-year-old daughter. What he doesn’t tell her is that apparently, she has a sexual relationship with his secretary.

We move forward ten years, and Jess is married to Sam and they have a five-year-old daughter. Jess has always wanted to have a family of her own, and even though Sam is thoughtful and caring, and she has a daughter she adores, there’s something missing. And now she starts suspecting Sam is having an affair, which her friend Emma tells her it’s just her imagination. Jess is almost fifty now, and is about to celebrate her birthday party soon. She sometimes thinks of Dan and how the chemistry between them is something she has never had before or has now with Sam. Dan moved to London to work for another company, so she hasn’t seen him in ten years.

I imagine that Dan will show up in her life now. I wonder what will happen. I hope he is regretting leaving Jess and she can have her emotional revenge on him. She should show him how happy she has been without him and how much he hurt her as well. Yet, I’m afraid she’s still the doormat and if Dan appears, I don’t think she’ll remain indifferent.


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