One Perfect Summer 4 – The End



Finally, Joe makes his appearance. He confesses on a TV show that he is still in love with his first love. Lizzie calls the studio, and Joe contacts Alice. When they meet, things are awkward. He tells her that he did go to find her in Cambridge, but some students told him that Alice was living with her boyfriend. That was when she moved with Jessie, so he got it all wrong. When he learns that Alice is married, he is devastated. Yet, he makes her promise they would meet again, but without the interruptions they’ve had during this brief meeting. He wants to go to Dorset and the cottage where Alice stayed ten years ago. Alice arranges everything, and lies to Lukas and her parents. Alice is either too naive or wants to delude herself. She states that she isn’t going to cheat on Lukas, but then why does she go to meet Joe if she doesn’t expect something to happen?

Naturally, once in the cottage, what is bound to happen happens. Alice puts up a fight first, but the second time Joe kisses her, she just lets herself go and they end up in bed. She even stays longer than she had told Lukas. And then one day Lukas finds out where she is and shows up. There is a nasty scene between the three of them, and then it’s clear who Alice wants and Lukas goes. The epilogue is not clearly who is the man she refers to, but I think it’s Joe.

The book is an easy read and an entertaining book, but I find the character of Alice too weak. Even when Joe appears, she lets him make the decisions. And I still don’t understand why she can love Lukas or how she ends up married to him. The characters I like in the book are Lizzie and Jessie. Jessie is one of the nicest characters in the story, and it’s a shame Alice didn’t fall for him. Another thing I liked is all the places in Dorset and Cambridge I’ve learnt about.


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