New Book – The Moment by Douglas Kennedy


Publishing year: 2011

This is the book I started this afternoon.

I read two other books by this author, and I know that the writing and the plot will be interesting and full of thought-provoking reflections. I’ve only read a few pages in which we are introduced to the narrator/main character. Thomas is served with divorced papers. He and his wife drifted away, and after twenty years of marriage Jan, his wife, decided to end their life in common. The trigger of this situation was when Thomas bought a cottage in Maine with the money he had inherited from his father, and he didn’t say a word to Jan about it.

We get glimpses of this man’s personality in these first pages. He’s a writer of travel books and is a night person, never going to bed before 3 a.m.  The relationship with his wife seems to have been very flawed, and she seems to believe he never loved her. In a conversation with his daughter he reluctantly admits to being too focused on the past. It is in the conversation that I think the link to the title of this book can be found. Candace asks him about a quotation by Kafka  about “not now” becoming “never”. Candace thinks she’s a not now person like her father, but she believes that the moment, here and now, is what is real. That’s clearly a reference to carpe diem, and it’s true that most of us tend to think about the future or the past, and forget about the present. The future or what we think is the future might never come as we think, and when the future becomes our present, we might then be thinking about the next future. Interesting!!!


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