Stepping Stones – What I’ve learnt


The book has so many interesting facts that happen in the twentieth century after the war. Many of these things are mentioned like the different political sides in Britain after the war. For example, Churchill was not re-elected and the Labour Party won in the polls instead, Atlee becoming Prime Minister. Then when Churchill won the elections, there was lots of problems (Canal Suez Crisis) and a recession. And at the end of the book Margaret Thatcher is also brought about. There’s also a mention to Aneurin Bevan who brouth free health care in Britain.

ImageImage Image

As for America, Bugsy supports John Kennedy and then his brother. and he is angry about Ronald Reagan’s policy.

Apart from politics, one of the most interesting things is the real places the author mentions. Lisa and her family are from Liverpool, and grow up in Chaucer Street in Bootle.


We learn about Liverpool’s docks where Tom worked and also where prostitutes flaunt themselves to the men. That’s where Kitty finds the men she occasionally sold her body to.


The River Mersey is often mentioned as it is the river that flows through LIverpool.

Image  Image


And Southport is the town where Lizzie is raped by the American guys. She takes the train to go there, and there’s an amusement park where she spends the day with the men.



In London Lisa lives with Jackie in Queen’s Gate.



Later in the book when Lisa returns to England, she buys a flat in Pimlico.





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